I chose this book solely on the fact that I have never eaten Korean food and this could be a possible exposure to trying the food. Where we live I only knew of one restaurant and it recently closed. I was pleased when I received the book. There are a lot of ingredients that are new to me but I shouldn’t have an issue aquiring any of them. Thanks to the ok internet.

One of the things that kind of surprised me was the inclusion of so many other chefs and the recipes that they make. Alot seemed to be variations on authentic recipes or inclusions of Korean ingredients. I would of expected to find those types of recipes in a blog post or a magazine article.

Looking through the book I really wanted to find alot of recipes that I wanted to fix but honestly nothing really jumped out at me. I think that is more of a personal taste and nothing agaisnt what was presented in the book.

I think it is a nice book but probably not one that I would buy had I looked through it in a book store.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the Blogging for books program