Tacos, Recipes and Provocations

Tacos recipes and provocations is a new cookbook by famed chef Alex Stupak. Tacos is definitely not a beginners cookbook, although there are some things a less experienced cook could handle. Many of the recipes have multiple steps and require pre planning. From making fresh tortillas to achiote paste and chorizo, this book should raise anyone cooking skills.

The book is gorgeous and the photography fantastic. It falls into the type of books that I really enjoy to read and cook out from. There are plenty of step by step and very detailed instructions. I also enjoy the stories about how other products are made and why. It is great that the book covers everyone from meat eaters to vegetarians. They have definitely included some interesting options. The book is mainly broken down into three sections but also includes a section on the Mexican pantry. The sections are as follows:




This is a great home course for more authentic Mexican food. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to learn something from this book. There are alot of of recipes that I can’t wait to make including of course the fresh tortillas. Others are mole poblano, tacos al pastor, chicken tacos with chilmole, and many of the Salsas.

I would recommend this book to more advanced cooks but would not steer a beginner away. I was provided this book in exchange for an honest review from the blogging for books program.


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