The Broad Fork Hugh Acheson

The Broad Fork is a seasonal vegetable cookbook by chef Hugh Acheson. This is the kind of cookbook that I love to look through and use to cook. A nice heavy book with thick pages and lots of colorful photography throughout. I really enjoy the stories and chapters starting pages interlaced throughout. It’s almost as if the chef is there with us and giving an insight into how his mind works. The variety of recipes that are presented are quite nice. The option of making something simple or elevating an ingredient is something that I wish more books gave. The book is broken down by season and within that seaon available produce.

I did get around to making one dish from the book which was the Apple-cabbage slaw. I tried doubling the dish and the vinegar and cumin overpowered the dish. My wife was not a fan. I for the most part enjoyed the dish but would of cut the vinegar and spices back a touch.

There are a lot of recipes that I would like to try so I’m not going to type all of them out this time. In general I would probably not recommend this book to a beginning cook. I think it is more suited to a more experienced cook. But with the being said I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to cooking more.