A modern way to eat by Anna Jones

When they say don’t judge a book by its cover that is definetely the case here. A modern way to eat is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook.  For those looking to start a vegetarian lifestyle this would be the place to begin. I really liked the way that she shows you how to build a dish. I really love the photography and the way that the recipes are laid out.  This book is how all cookbooks should look and feel. Nice heavy pages and gorgeous photography.

This book is broken into the following sections:

a modern way to eat

what gets me up in the morning

food for filling a gap

a bowl of broth, soup or stew

satisfying salads

easy lunches and laid back suppers

heatty dinners and food to feed a crowd

vegetables to go with things

sweet endings

cakes, bread, and a few other things

things to drink

jam, chutney, stock, and other useful stuff

Normally I go through and list some of the recipes that I am looking forward to trying. With this book I can honestly say that I pretty much look forward to trying just about everything.  I think this book would be great for every level of cook and those that are looking for a change.


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