Seven Spoons by Tara O’Brady

Seven spoons is a gorgeous book. Nice heavy pages and photographs that draw you in and make you want to cook right then.  I love how the book is laid out and shows how the author eats at home. The wide variety of recipes is also quite nice. There are a lot of recipes that I look forward to making. The funny thing is the more basic staple type recipes are what I want to cook first.

This book is broken down into seven chapters.

Breads and breakfast


Soups, starters, and snacks


Vegetables and sides

Sweets, treats and sips


Some of the recipes that I look forward to trying are:

Seeded boule

Vanilla espresso walnut butter

Collard wraps with hummus and quick pickled vegetables

Fennel and chard puff

Blitzed ricotta with peas

Halloumi in chermoula

Dog in a bog

Za’atar chicken


I think this book would be great for any cook. I feel that it would offer some nice variety to anyone’s normal routine.

Thanks to blogging for books for providing this book in exchange for an honest review


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